The Secret is out!

“Secretive,” the lead single for Andrew Steck’s upcoming album, Regular Human Music Album, is now streaming everywhere people stream music. This album focuses more on song structures and lyrical content than Andrew’s previous records and will be released towards the end of the summer of 2024. From Andrew: “This song was inspired by events in … More

JTFH Shoots “Warning Shots”

It’s lurking on the Bandcamp. It’s hiding in the shadows of Soundcloud. But it’s growing.
Soon it will be EVERYWHERE!!!
It’s the new single by Jumping Through Fiery Hoops – “Warning Shots”!

New Joe Orr Single “We Stuff” Drops

Athens’ master of power pop song crafting has delivered a new gem of a song to the world. With “We Stuff,” Joe gives us a glimpse of what’s to come on his new album, Very Much Alive, due out on December 2. It’s the kind of song that you wished they would add to rock’n’roll … More

News of the World

Here’s what’s up with Arfus Records lately. Gee, it seems like it’s been a while since I’ve written a little update on the happenings here at Arfus Records. I’m trying to think of a cutesy introduction with maybe a little quip worth a smirk or so, but I’d kind of rather get back to putting … More

Andrew Goes Electronica!

The new EP by Andrew Steck, “The Mouth Remains Closed During Strenuous Activity,” introduces a new approach. Here are two tracks that were initially short pieces of notated music for various instruments – one mostly percussive, the other a saxophone quartet. The notation was converted into MIDI signals and manipulated to sound very little like … More

Arfus Records Welcomes Joe Orr to the Team

We could not be happier to be hosting the recent recording, Superhuman, by Joe Orr. Joe is on old friend (this is Andrew writing) that has a keen sense of how to create a top notch pop-rock gem. I briefly played in a band with him called Bubble Anatomy with another Arfus Records talent, Jeff … More