The Secret is out!


“Secretive,” the lead single for Andrew Steck’s upcoming album, Regular Human Music Album, is now streaming everywhere people stream music. This album focuses more on song structures and lyrical content than Andrew’s previous records and will be released towards the end of the summer of 2024.

From Andrew: “This song was inspired by events in my childhood. I would often sit around and listen to old Motown or early rock’n’roll records from my parents’ collection on an old Fischer-Price record player on days when most kids would be playing outside. I would usually end up finding some outdoor happening after not wanting to miss out on that side of things. And I did used to climb up pretty high up in some trees in our yard. It’s essentially looking back on trying to balance my introverted and extroverted interests while delighting in having all the time in the world to indulge both.”

It’s got lots of vocal harmonies, a rich sax section, slide guitars on both rhythm and lead, and some groovy keys over a strong and steady beat. Perfect for just about any summertime playlist.


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