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“Man, I feel like something crazy is about to happen.”


About Us

Arfus Records was created with the intent to bring the musical works of unique artists in the Athens, Georgia, area to a broader audience. Founded by composer/guitarist Andrew Steck in 2021, the label focuses on innovative artistic approaches, strange recordings, and bringing forth great music that has undeservedly fallen through the cracks. 

The DIY Aesthetic

Arfus Records favors creative works that take individual expression to a new level. Artists that create outside of the restraints of expectation find unique and personal expressions. There is no unifying genre or sound to Arfus Records. It’s all about the musical art that needs to be heard.

Releases & Contact

Arfus Records primarily boasts the discography of founder Andrew Steck at this point, but we are now hosting the latest recording by Joe Orr, and much more is planned for 2021 and beyond! – including a release by Jumping Through Fiery Hoops that we’re VERY excited about. Contact Andrew at for further inquiries.

Featured Artist

Andrew Steck

He’s a composer out of Athens, Georgia, that works in various genres and approaches. He also plays in bands from time to time on the guitar or some other random instrument. He releases music all the time here lately. Tell him to take a vacation.

Latest News & Releases

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