JTFH Shoots “Warning Shots”


It’s lurking on the Bandcamp. It’s hiding in the shadows of Soundcloud. But it’s growing.

Soon it will be EVERYWHERE!!!

It’s the new single by Jumping Through Fiery Hoops – “Warning Shots” – streaming everywhere August 11th.

This “two-sided” single marks a return of sorts for JTFH as it is their first release since 2020’s danceable ditty, “Nothing’s Ever My Fault.” The two tracks on the single are the sole survivors of a computer crash that eliminated most of an album in the works. Not one to lack creative output, JTFH’s Jeff Fox decided to salvage what he could of that project and soldier on to complete a new batch of tunes – an album that is still in the works currently known as Howling at the Wrong Moon. As the new album continues to come together, it seemed to make sense to release the other two songs into the world, both as a demarcation of the previous chapter’s conclusion and as a proclamation that the Hoops are still active and are poised and ready to feed earholes far and wide.

If you didn’t know, Jumping Through Fiery Hoops is the ongoing music project of Jeff Fox. He writes it. He sings it. He records, mixes, produces… all that stuff. He might call in a guest or two at different points, but essentially, he is the man behind the curtain. There are a couple JTFH’s albums already up in the streaming world. This is Not a Birthday Present (2008) captures a more raw sound with acoustic songs interspersed with tunes performed by a rock band line-up featuring an incredibly handsome, young Andrew Steck on electric guitar (it’s my label – I can say what I want). Come with the Mountains to Us, Vol. 1 & 2 (2018) introduces a richer musical texture to the songs. Here you can find the beginnings of the fantastical production approach Fox employs to enhance the listening experience while keeping focused on the songs.

I’ll let Flagpole Magazine’s Gordon Lamb describe the new single.

“The A-side is “Warning Shots,” which is a steady and stompy rocker a’la Beck, and the B-side is “Swiss Army Spoon,” which is of similar tempo but with a noted psychedelic-carnival mood about it.”

Thanks, Gordon.

Anyway, check this stuff out! It’s on the Bandcamp and the Soundcloud now, but it streams everywhere on August 11.

Don’t forget to do the whole “like, follow” thing where you stream. Bonus points for sharing.

Check out the full Flagpole article here.


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