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Here’s what’s up with Arfus Records lately.

Gee, it seems like it’s been a while since I’ve written a little update on the happenings here at Arfus Records. I’m trying to think of a cutesy introduction with maybe a little quip worth a smirk or so, but I’d kind of rather get back to putting notes in different orders, so here are the highlights:

The electronic EP, The Mouth Remains Closed During Strenuous Activity, by Andrew Steck (who is also writing this) has been released on all digital streaming platforms. There were a few tiny little edits to the music from the Bandcamp exclusive release – all for the better, I’d say. Rather than try to describe it myself, I’ll pass the mic over to singer/songwriter/writer-writer, David Ferguson, who had this to say:

“These songs make me think of bad things happening to a bunch of sentient toys who are way smarter than their manufacturers intended. Earnest space-faring robots flying under the lawnmower in a misguided bid for freedom.” (Ferguson 9/22)

Well, if that doesn’t give you the clearest picture of what the EP is all about, how about a music video or two to delight both your eyes and ears. Here’s one for the sultry “The Undulating Parade.”

Now wasn’t that something!?!

Perhaps you will also like the video for “14 Reflections.”

Good times!

I don’t know what you like to stream music on, but here’s a link to it on Spotify.


But wait! There’s more news!

Anybody remember that album “Indie Classical” by Andrew Steck (who is also writing this) that was just released in June of 2021? Of course not. The production was crap on it. Well, the production issues have been corrected and there is now a “redux version” of it available on Bandcamp. This will also be on all the big subscription streaming sites as well. This is from the notes on the Bandcamp release:

“This is the “Redux Version” of the album, Indie Classical, which was released on June 24, 2021. About a week after the original version was released, I realized that I over-processed the instruments in mixing and have not been particularly fond of the release despite being happy with the compositions. After allowing for some time to pass to see if my displeasure was psychological, I concluded that, no, I screwed it up and should do something about it.

This Redux Version includes all of the music that was on the original release with the addition of a wind quartet version of the piece, “Three Rings,” which happens to be its original arrangement. The piece also appears on the album, Inner Loop / Outer Loop, as a “triple quartet” consisting of the wind quartet, a brass quartet, and percussion for four players.”

Sounds like somebody doesn’t know what they’re doing!

In other “doesn’t know what they’re doing” news, Andrew Steck (who is also writing this) has fixed some of the stupid mistakes he made production-wise on his The Nutcracker Suite arrangement. He/me/I is/am also adding guitar parts to the recording and hope to have a version fully released by mid-December. There may also be a live rock band playing these arrangements in the Athens area around this time. Stay tuned!

I want to make a big announcement for Joe Orr’s new album too, but I’m going to give that its very own post. I will say it’s a fantastic album, and the single, “We Stuff,” that is coming out in a few weeks has been in my head all day.

That’s all for now. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your email address to subscribe so you get all the earth-shattering news from Arfus Records. We also have plenty t-shirts available in our Shop. They are SO COOL, let me tell you.



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