Back at it! The Arfus Records guy remembers that he should be posting updates on his website.


Well, hello everybody! This is Andrew Steck, resident procrastinator at Arfus Records. That isn’t exactly true. There has been a lot of activity in our world lately, but I sure haven’t been sharing much about it. I could go into that, but I’d rather make with the info and not prolong the deep suspense that you, the reader, are surely feeling at this point.

I hope that you all have every song from Joe Orr’s Very Much Alive memorized at this point. If you don’t, you should revisit it. It’s so filled with riffs and hooks that it won’t leave you alone for weeks.

Video for “We Stuff” by Joe Orr

Let’s see. What else is going on? Oh, I’ve got a new album coming out on June 16, 2023. It is called Sore Thumb. It is a ten-track album that has more drums, more guitars, more weirds sound effects, more vocals (that’s right – I do the wordy mouth notes), more lots of stuff than my previous albums. More about this later. The single, “What’s Your Answer?” is already out, so check it out. (This video is not fun like Joe’s. Sorry.)

But I did put together a fun video for the song “100 Nowheres” that appeared on the Inner Loop / Outer Loop album.

I’m also very excited to announce that Jumping Through Fiery Hoops will be releasing a new single in June called “Warning Shots” that will be the first taste of the upcoming album, Howling at the Wrong Moon. JTFH mastermind, Jeff Fox, has been meticulously crafting this album for a while and the results show that the time put into it has absolutely paid off. I’ve gotten plenty of behind the scenes peeks at this one along the way and it is no less than a true gem. We’ll make sure that you know more about this as more is revealed.

Thanks for sticking with us. The last 7/12 of the year is going to have a lot more activity from us! Don’t forget to add your email to the Subscribe section down at the bottom of this page.


(Who uses a fraction like “7/12” to refer to the final 58.33% of the year!?!? Freakin’ weirdos! )


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