Arfus Records Welcomes Joe Orr to the Team


We could not be happier to be hosting the recent recording, Superhuman, by Joe Orr. Joe is on old friend (this is Andrew writing) that has a keen sense of how to create a top notch pop-rock gem. I briefly played in a band with him called Bubble Anatomy with another Arfus Records talent, Jeff Fox, and Mat Lewis (currently of the incredible band, Outer Seas, and magic-maker at Kindercore Vinyl). In learning his songs, I got a glimpse into the intensive care he puts into every element of his songs. This is evident when you listen to Superhuman. Joe often works in classic power-pop or early alternative rock formulas which occasionally give his music a bit of a “retro” sound, but I tend to hear it as more timeless than of harkening to a specific era. It’s the kind of album you can throw on the stereo no matter what mood you’re in or who you’re with. His voice sometimes reminds of Tom Petty or Elvis Costello, who are other artists that kind of just have the right sound for any occasion. If you are into solid pop rock songwriting, catchy hooks, and head-bobbing, steering wheel-tapping grooves, and ripping guitar work, you will not regret giving Superhuman a spin and adding it to your playlists. You can purchase a download of the album in our Shop, and he offers CDs for sale on the Bandcamp link below.

PS – Remind me to tell you the story about how he literally saved my life once while I was being electrocuted. Next time, maybe.

For you Spoti-fries

This song predates the album, but it’s fun! Joe makes some pretty awesome music videos, so subscribe to him on the YouTube.


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