“Plane at an Angle” Review

Flagpole’s Gordon Lamb reviews the first single from the album, Theater. LIL’ PREVIEW: The first single from composer Andrew Steck’s upcoming album Theater is coming out this week. The track is named “Plane at an Angle” and is quite on-point for this ambitious record, which Steck describes as “conceived as a series of instrumental one-act plays, each portraying … More

Indie Classical: Release

This album is focused on two compositions for smaller groups. “Shapes & Shades in Passing” was written for flute, English horn, and cello – also adapted for synthesizer here. The “Amana Quartet” is a string quartet that was originally written for the heavy rock band, In The Lurch. “Amana” takes the listener on a journey … More

Covers EP: Release

Songs by Dolly, Danzig, and Ween get the orchestral treatment. Of “Jolene Rides West,” a Western re-imagining of Dolly Pardon’s “Jolene,” Flagpole Magazine’s Gordon Lamb writes: “Sometimes you just get knocked out by people’s creativity and talents you never knew they had. Case in point, longtime Athens musician Andrew Steck (Liberator, Los Meesfits) also composes and records … More

Inner Loop / Outer Loop: Review

by Jessica Smith “(Arfus Records) Filling over 145 pages of ledger lines, composer Andrew Steck’s Inner Loop / Outer Loop leaves no detail overlooked while taking a rock album approach to constructing orchestral arrangements. A combination of Sibelius, NotePerformer and Studio One software, this is a one-human score—written, recorded and mastered by Steck. With influences that range … More