“Plane at an Angle” Review


Flagpole’s Gordon Lamb reviews the first single from the album, Theater.

LIL’ PREVIEW: The first single from composer Andrew Steck’s upcoming album Theater is coming out this week. The track is named “Plane at an Angle” and is quite on-point for this ambitious record, which Steck describes as “conceived as a series of instrumental one-act plays, each portraying different scenes and moods, with some brief ‘set change’ vignettes between featured tracks.” Having been privy to the whole album, I can tell you that “Plane At An Angle” is quite representative of this goal. It cycles through a few different movements and has notable sections of whimsy, bombast, excitedness, relaxation and perhaps a few other moods. Find the single on all streaming services beginning Thursday, Sept. 16. 



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