Joe Orr

Joe Orr is an Athens, GA-based recording artist who performs guitar-driven melodic rock with lyrics that can be philosophical, humorous, contemplative, absurd, or all of these things. Flagpole’s Gordon Lamb describes Superhuman as “…full of hooks…eminently listenable melodies, and big choruses”.

Andrew Steck

Andrew Steck is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Athens, Georgia. Most recent release, The Electric Nutcracker, is a “rock band” arrangement of The Nutcracker with elements of funk, psychedelia, synth pop, doo-woo, disco, reggae, and touches of post punk and classic rock. The first full-length album, Inner Loop / Outer Loop (2020), is all orchestral drawing from a … More

Jumping Through Fiery Hoops

Jumping Through Fiery Hoops is an Athens, GA based recording / songwriting vessel for Jeffrey Thomas Fox. Members vary as does the journey. “In 1998, I moved from Baton Rouge, LA to Athens, GA and shortly thereafter began meandering on a borrowed cassette four track. Before and after playing bass in a few local bands, … More