Jumping Through Fiery Hoops

Jeff Fox's master plan to bestow brilliant and unique songs upon the masses.

Jumping Through Fiery Hoops is an Athens, GA based recording / songwriting vessel for Jeffrey Thomas Fox. Members vary as does the journey.

“In 1998, I moved from Baton Rouge, LA to Athens, GA and shortly thereafter began meandering on a borrowed cassette four track.

Before and after playing bass in a few local bands, including Ham1 and a Guided by Voices cover band, songwriting and meandering soldiered onward and for the most part, privately.

2008 saw the first official “studio” jaunt which resulted in the record “This Is Not A Birthday Present”. After another long hiatus, I decided to try my hand, with the help of Owen Hunt, at recording my own material again which produced the most recent record, “Come With The Mountains To Us”.

As soon as humanly possible, more recording will begin on the fairly large batch of songs I’ve been sitting on as well as songs yet unborn.

I hope you guys enjoy what I do, and I swear to you that I’m gonna’ keep pressing forward with new material for you lovely folks to breathe in. Both existing records are available on Spotify and YouTube. Click the link in my profile to listen to my favorite whatnots that I’ve recorded thus far.”

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