Theater is a series of instrumental one-act plays separated by short audio vignettes. Orchestral tones, guitars, beats, and spacey synths make up the arrangement.

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Theater is conceived as a series of instrumental one-act plays, each portraying different scenes and moods, with some brief “set change” vignettes between featured tracks. The music consists of a virtual orchestra, various guitar approaches on tones, occasional beat-heavy breakdowns, synthesizer effects, and studio effects. Influences range from big band to blues band, 20th-century orchestral music to hip hop, sci-fi soundtracks to southern rock. It gets around.

This release also marks the first official release on Arfus Records recording label. While the label was originated as a platform for the music of founder Andrew Steck, other planned releases will showcase recordings by very talented artists that don’t fall into prescribed genres or traditions.

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