An epic string quartet and a light-hearted wind quartet sandwiched between a flute/ English horn/cello trio and and it’s synthesized counterpart. (Digital Download)


This album is focused on compositions for smaller groups. “Shapes & Shades in Passing” was written for flute, English horn, and cello – also adapted for synthesizer here. The “Amana Quartet” is a string quartet that was originally written for the heavy rock band, In The Lurch. “Three Rings” first appeared on the album Inner Loop / Outer Loop as a larger arrangement. This is the wind quartet version as it was originally written. Indie Classical is only available as a digital download and on music streaming services.

Originally released¬† June 25, 2021. Remixed and released as the “Redux” version November 4, 2022.

Cover art from a painting by Jeff Rapier with additional design by Allen Sutton

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Digital Album, Compact Disc, Record / Vinyl